Brand Style Guide

Everything you should now about our brand style and design assets.

1. Logo

We are very proud of our logo, and we suggest you follow the guidelines below in order to achieve the best look. We use a colourful letter 'S' combined with a modern font as our logo.

Download logo / icon

2. Icon

If the Selector brand is already represented, you can simply use our icon instead of the logo.

Download logo / icon

3. Negative space

The gray area around the logo is representing the negative space that should be kept clear of all other graphic and visual elements.

The minimal space needed is marked with an 'X', which is equal to the height of the text.

4. Minimal size

The minimal size guarantees the correct style and readability of the logo.

The width of the Selector logo cannot be less than 65 pixels digitally or 26 mm when printed.

The width / height of the Selector icon cannot be less than 20 pixels digitally or 8 mm when printed.

5. Logo usage guidelines

Our primary logo is coloured, however you should only use this on white background! The solid black or white version of the logo looks better on every other background.

Use the dark logo on light backgrounds.

Use the light logo on dark backgrounds.

6. Incorrect usage of the logo

It is very important that the appereance of the logo stays consistent, so you must not change it in any ways. The colour, style and orientation always have to match the guidelines above - there are no exceptions.


use gradients in the logo.


change the colours of the logo.


change the font of the logo.


distort the logo.


use borders around the logo.


rotate the logo.


use the company colours on a coloured background.


use the text without the icon.

7. Colour palette

Selector uses four primary colours which must not be changed. The most commonly used colour is purple, but in some cases we also use  red, yellow and pink in order to highlight and focus on specific items.

Primary colours:

Pantone 1235 C
R255 G184 B29
C0 M33 Y88 K0

Pantone 1795 C
R216 G41 B44
C8 M94 Y82 K1

Pantone 214 C
R212 G21 B104
C10 M98 Y27 K2

Pantone 2593 C
R134 G51 B154
C62 M88 Y0 K0

Secondary colours:

Dark Gray
R88 G88 B87
C59 M49 Y49 K42

Light Gray
R157 G157 B156
C0 M0 Y0 K50

8. Typography

Only two fonts are used in the typography of Selector: Dosis, Titillium Web.

Dosis Bold


When to use:
Dosis Bold is the primary font in the logo. It can be used in headlines and also in cases where a bolder style is preferred, eg. print, website design, brochures and all forms of general correspondence.

Titillium Web Regular


When to use:
Titillium Web Regular can be used for all other forms of standard text: stationery, web design, brochures, all forms of general correspondence, etc.

9. Contact

If you have any further questions regarding our brand style, please contact us in email.