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Marketing automation

Make your business more efficient and save time using marketing automation

We help you map your marketing activity processes and optimise them so that the different systems are connected and your customers can move smoothly through the user journey from request to contract without your assistance. This saves your company resources so you can focus on the things that really matter.


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Process management

We start by assessing your company's customer acquisition and internal processes, and suggest how and with what systems this can be optimised to require as little human intervention as possible. The aim is to ensure that once contact has been made, for example on a social networking site or even a website, user data is immediately available in any CRM or project management system and can be guided through the pre-defined process via automated emails.


System integration

Whenever possible, we integrate systems through the official integration interface provided by the manufacturer, ensuring fast and cost-effective work. In cases where this is not an option, we don't despair - we use a variety of applications to connect the various systems your company uses! Most of the known tools support integration through Zapier and Integromat, so we can easily set up automated communication using these solutions.


API and custom development

If there is no official integration solution between the systems used by our clients, we program the framework through API integration or through a fully custom development. This allows us to provide solutions tailored to all kinds of specific needs, such as lead generation or web analytics.

Custom development

Marketing automation tools


We can implement marketing automation and system integration with any of the systems your company uses, be it a well-known CRM system or a custom-developed software.

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