Lead generation

Do you need immediate leads, or would you like to build an inbound marketing strategy? We can help you with both your short- and long-term goals!
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Lead generation

Generate inquiries for your service, high-value product or any event!

Unlike webshops, in the case of higher-value products or services, longer-term commitments or business decisions, we cannot expect our visitors to make an immediate purchase or place an order based on the information on our website.  However, with proven methods and specific campaign types, we can effectively generate potential leads in these cases.


What is it for?

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Rövid megtérülés

To generate inquiries, quotation requests and directly support sales

Rugalmas hirdetési büdzsé

For recruiting for events, trainings and webinars

Felhasználók végigkísérése

To build a database for microsites, giveaways and promotions

Széles körű elérés

For email list building, CRM connection and sales funnel

Lead generation TOOLS AND METHODS

Which can we help you with?

Lead generation ads

One of the best ways to collect data on potential customers is through PPC advertising, including lead generation campaigns. This solution allows users to enter their contact details directly on the advertising interface without leaving the social or search page. As a result, we can expect a much higher conversion rate than if we directed people to a landing page, making it an excellent way to build email lists or collect subscribers on a large scale. However, leads may be of lower quality because less information is available.

Facebook Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Google Ads

Landing page, microsite development

There may be campaign goals for which the built-in lead generation forms on advertising platforms are unsuitable. In these cases, we recommend our clients create a short, to-the-point landing page or microsite to get potential inquirers to provide their data for further contact. This solution allows us to request complex information with the help of a longer form. Furthermore, this way, users can immediately book an appointment for, for example, an online consultation. A standalone website can provide more detailed information to those interested, resulting in higher-quality leads

Wireframe design, prototype testing
Web design, web development

Conversion rate optimization

Whether there is a lead generation campaign or a website, conversion rate optimization is essential to ensure that attrition is kept to a minimum, maximizing the number of applicants. During the process, we examine which ad copies, creatives, website layouts and forms perform best to guarantee a perfect UX experience. We also constantly monitor campaign performance and optimize it to increase the conversion rate.

UX search
A/B/X testing

Marketing automation

Lead generation works best when we minimize the human factor, and new inquiries get immediately converted into an automation process - this way, our clients only need to spend time selecting and contacting them once we have all the necessary information and are sure they meet all the pre-defined criteria. We integrate with various marketing systems so leads immediately enter the software used by our clients. Here, they can contact the applicants on the interface they are already used to, or if required, we can send automated messages segmented by different parameters.

Email marketing

Lead generation TOOLS


We integrate the data received from lead generation into various platforms according to our client's needs, be it the most popular email marketing systems or even custom-developed API connections.

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