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With conversion rate optimization, you can achieve more conversions with the same number of website visits.
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Higher conversion rate
(CRO) with the same traffic

Conversion rate optimization aims to achieve more conversions with the same number of website visitors. This way, we can land more customers without increasing your marketing budget. We focus on making the website as user-friendly as possible, with the lowest customer attrition rate, so more people complete the intended goal - such as making a purchase or requesting a quote. Increasing the basket value and revenue can also be a related task for webshops.

Conversion rate optimization TOOLS AND METHODS

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Funnel analysis

If we want to improve our conversion rate, it is essential to understand and enhance the user journey that potential customers take. We will examine whether the steps of the funnel are in the correct order, whether the associated communication and interface are fitting, whether any of them cause attrition in the purchase process, and whether we should remove any steps. By optimizing the funnel, we can minimize the customer attrition rate and maximize the conversion rate.

Number of steps
‍Customer attrition rate
Conversion rate

A/B/X testing

Often, a few little changes on the website can result in significant improvements in conversion rates. With A/B tests, you can experiment with different modifications (in text, images, CTA buttons, etc.) without changing your working pages permanently. While it is very tempting to test many ideas at once, we prefer to recommend a systematic, step-by-step approach to achieve results within a reasonable time. In a specific test, personalization, we assign targets to modified page versions, for example, we present altered versions of the same page to different personas, with messages tailored to them.

A/B testing
Multivariate testing

Visualising user behavior

Heatmaps can help you see where visitors click, how they navigate on your site, or how far they scroll down on each page. Based on the monitoring results, we can learn how visitors behave on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. It allows us to identify active and inactive parts of the screen and make changes that improve the user experience and result in an increased number of conversions.

Mouse movement

Recording website visits

We can better understand web analytics by viewing the recordings of visits made on our website, including scrolling, mouse movements and clicks. It can help us identify the weak points of our website: what causes problems or frustration for users, what they overlook, where they get stuck, turn back in the sales funnel or leave. By examining the recordings, we can more easily identify pain points, errors and fix them to increase conversions in a short time. We can also analyze the sessions by the relevant user segments and devices.

Navigation path
User interactions
Website bounces and exits

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