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These days, regardless of which industry you're working in, an engaging social presence is essential for success. Social media platforms play a key role in informing and influencing customers' purchasing decisions, as well as driving impulse purchases. When managing your social media pages, we focus on the business needs that are relevant to your business and choose the primary platforms for you accordingly. As part of your company's social communications, we pay particular attention to design and create content that is tailored to the interests of your target audience, so that you can effectively engage them. Whether it's boosting reach, gaining followers or enhancing engagement, our dedicated team is here to do it all!

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The key to effective and efficient social communication, as is true for business in general, is a well-established strategy that underpins content creation and serves as a reference point for future posts. During our research-based strategy planning process, we establish the key principles, insights, objectives, and any other relevant information that will provide a clear direction for your social media communication.

Key principles


To ensure that your posts deliver the desired results, it is a good idea to entrust the writing to professional copywriters. This not only guarantees that the text is concise, polished and free of spelling mistakes, but it also allows you to connect with your target audience across different marketing channels and get your message across to them in the most effective way, using a tone, style and vocabulary that appeals to them, as well as tips and tricks that are in line with current trends.

Word choice

Visual content creation

An eye-catching or highly informative creative can be the key to reaching your target audience, because it immediately draws the eye and prompts the reader to take further action. With visual content, the only limit is your imagination: you can use images, infographics, or even animations and videos to increase engagement. We always tailor the creatives to the requirements and specificities of each social platform to ensure that they are in the ideal size and format and look great on all of your pages!

Videos, animations

Social media account management

When managing social media pages, paying attention to the messages, reactions, comments and questions from your audience is key. To maintain credibility and trustworthiness, it is essential to respond quickly, show a helpful attitude, clarify any uncertainties that may arise, react to positive feedback and deal with any negative comments appropriately.

Moderating comments
Replying to messages


How do we get started?

Here's a brief overview of what you can expect working with us.


Desktop research

During desktop research, we conduct customer research on the brand and collect and process the available secondary data.


Stakeholder interview

For an authentic and engaging social media communication, we believe it is important to know the history, mission and values of the company and the brand.


Business objectives and KPIs

From the very first moment, we align your social media strategy with your business objectives. In order to track results, we define the relevant KPIs for your business based on the priorities discussed in the stakeholder interview.


Competitor analysis

Feltérképezzük a konkurens piaci szereplők social media kommunikációját (pl. statisztikák, bejegyzések gyakorisága, jellemző tartalomtípusok), majd tanulságokat vonunk le az adott piaci szegmensre vonatkozóan.


Personas and targeted messages

With your business values and objectives in mind, we create buyer personas to define your key audience and target them with relevant, engaging messages.


Developing the concept

Based on what has been discussed and the results of our research, we make suggestions as to what types of content you should focus on to achieve your business goals.


Distribution strategy by platform

During the strategy development process, we identify your market segment and, based on this, we propose on which social media platforms and with what intensity you should build your online presence.


Creating templates

For different types of content and concepts, we create templates that are in line with your brand identity (e.g. colours, fonts, logo), maintaining consistency and professionalism.


Creating and publishing posts

We create the text and visual content for your posts following the defined guidelines and, after your approval, publish them automatically.

The post planning process

Content strategy for each month

Posts are created, approved and published in a user-friendly system. At the end of each month, we upload the planned posts for the next period, which you can easily comment on and approve if you are happy with the content. Only then will the posts be automatically published to your social media at a pre-defined time. At the end of the month, we'll send you a report on the performance of your social media activity and make suggestions for communication in the upcoming months.

Platforms we manage

Which one can we help you with?


Reach your broadest audience on this platform with text, photo or video posts, or host live streams or organize events!


Create a compelling platform for your brand with beautiful images or short videos and make your posts gain even more views using hashtags and geolocations.


On this platform, you can reach your professional audience and impress them with unique, professional content.


One of the most popular social media platforms in the world, where you can communicate via short posts.


Be present on the platform where your audience is looking for inspiration and be the first whose content they save to their boards.


The world's most popular video-sharing portal, where you can stand out with videos lasting just a few seconds or even hours.

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