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An attractive shop window can make or break your business - and this is especially true in the world of the internet. Web design can be your greatest asset in communicating your business - it's your own stage on which you can highlight your outstanding attributes. Selector's expertise can give you the visual presentation that makes your website exceptionally aesthetic and user-friendly. You can rely on our designers and web developers who, while keeping your goals in mind, will improve your web presence with up-to-date, modern solutions.


We help you build the perfect website from the first step

UX research

The aim of UX research is to discover the behaviour of potential customers and buyers and use this information to improve the interface and design - be it a web platform, phone app or any other platform - that users interact with when they encounter your business. At Selector, we have professional developers and designers working together to improve the user experience of your business, and generate more traffic for you! You can find out more about our UX research solutions on our dedicated page.

User experience
Customer behaviour


Wireframe design

The basis of every website is a well-defined system into which information can be inserted. Using the results of the UX research identified in the first step, we create the so-called graphic skeleton of you website, the wireframe, which already structurally contains all the important elements of the site in a simple, typically colourless, schematic layout. We assess where to place blocks of text, visuals and interaction elements, as well as the relative weight and scale of these.

Graphic design
Website stucture
Driving interactions

Web design

User interaction design

Since the wireframe is a static plan without design elements, we will add a navigation and visual guide to facilitate further phases, so that we can clearly visualise which buttons and links will direct the visitor to which page, which content elements we want to display, how much content we want to display, where we should use custom graphic elements or stock photos. By designing a website wireframe, we can define an easy-to-understand and transparent format from the very beginning of the design process, laying the foundations for rapid and efficient development. It also helps you, as the owner, to see clearly what elements and functions your interface will be built on.

Graphic design
Elements, functions

Visual design

Hidden complex systems are always masked by visuals, and that's what your visitors will encounter first. The visual appearance of a good website is like your attire at a meeting - it can easily influence your potential customers' opinion of your brand. At Selector, we can provide that, and with meticulous expertise and tailoring to your needs, we can give your web presence a creative and unique look that not only you, but your future visitors will love as well. You can contact us to create a specific landing page, but we're also happy to build complex websites from scratch.  In each case, we create designs to reflect the client's identity, while also taking into account industry trends.

Custom visual design
Graphic design plans
Design elements


In order to make your website run smoothly, it is necessary to understand the nature and processes of user interactions in a simulation. The prototype is the version of the website to be tested, which already contains the clickable graphic elements, CTA buttons and boxes that visitors will interact with. At this stage, we are typically not yet programming - meaning that the registration process, forms, planned animations and other elements are not yet functional, but we can already precisely reconstruct a visitor's path, the switches between screens, which button leads to which page, how many steps will take the visitor to a lead-generating form, and several other important details.

Graphic elements
CTA buttons
Navigation path

How our cooperation goes

How do we get started?

Here's a brief overview of what you can expect working with us.



In the first step, we assess and discuss our clients' web design needs and ideas, as well as examine competitors and international trends.



Once the requirements have been agreed, we create the so-called wireframe, which already contains all the important elements of the site structurally, but in a less elaborate form.


Visual design

In the first round, we create two versions of the visual design, and then proceed with the development of each sub-site according to the chosen concept, which is then complemented with interaction elements.  



We prepare a clickable version of the designed website, which already contains the main graphical elements, CTA buttons and boxes that visitors will interact with.



Following the results of the prototype testing, our developers will create a fully functional version of the website based on the visual design.


Finalizing and launch

After user testing and fixing any bugs, we will publish your new, engaging user-friendely website.

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