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Increase the traffic of your web store with eye-catching product ads

Google Shopping ads are designed specifically for webshops. Their advantage is that by displaying product information directly, users can navigate to the product page knowing the most important information, which eventually results in a higher chance of inquirers becoming paying customers.


Who is it recommended for?

Let's talk about the possibilities
Növeld megtérülésed

If you run a webshop and would like to increase your ROI

Komoly érdeklődők

If you want to reach the serious inquirers who are already looking for your products

Dinamikus termékhirdetés

If you want to advertise specific products dynamically and automatically, without your intervention

Folyamatos szinkronizáció

If you want to keep your inventory in line with your ads at all times


Use the existing product range of your web store as an advertisement

Creating the product feed, configuring the account

The first step when starting a Shopping campaign is to create and prepare your Google Ads account to run your ads. We then upload the corresponding product database, the Merchant Center, and keep it up-to-date with well-structured data of your products, so that only your products in stock will appear in the ads with the current price.

The Merchant Center is the foundation of Shopping campaigns, ensuring your web store is automatically and continuously in sync with your ads.

Campaign optimization

After launching the Shopping campaign, we will continue to keep an eye on it and work to acquire customers as cheap as possible. During optimization, we monitor which product groups result in the highest ROI, and based on this, we develop the appropriate campaign structure. It is also possible to segment along the product range, so the most relevant ad will appear for the given target group every time.

Continuous optimization and segmentation allows us to show your most relevant offer to all users.

Funnel analysis

When setting up a Shopping campaign, we create a sales funnel that accompanies all visitors to the website and allows us to analyze their journey. Thanks to funnel analysis, we can answer questions like where users abandon the process, and how to increase order page views, and actual purchases.

Funnel analysis is essential to make your Shopping campaigns and your web store more efficient.

Dynamic remarketing

Visitors who have interacted with your website but left without making a purchase will be re-targeted with a dynamic remarketing campaign. The strength of this is that users will see the exact same products in the ads that they have already viewed or placed in their cart, thus increasing the conversion rate within the target audience.

The strength of dynamic remarketing is that your visitors see exactly the products they were previously interested in.

Google Ads

In addition to Shopping campaigns, there are many other types of ads to choose from on the Google Ads Network: besides text ads, you can also create image and video ads.

Google Ads allows you to advertise your web store and blog with text, image or video ads in addition to your products.


What are the benefits of choosing Selector?

We evaluate the performance of your campaigns together with you, focusing primarily on ROI, so that it is worthwhile for you in the long run.

Érted dolgozunk
We work for you and your goals

We pay close attention to your campaigns even when your account manager is on leave, we always take care of his or her substitution.

Éjjel-nappal figyelünk kampányaidra
We take care of your campaigns day and night

Our goal is to generate additional revenue for you that adequately compensates for our campaign management fees.

Mindenképp megéri velünk dolgozni
It is definitely worth working with us

We don't ask you to commit to the long run immediately, we will work on it month after month to prove to you that it’s worth working with us.

Győződj meg Te szakértelmünkről
See our expertise for yourself

We work as a team, so we can easily cope with multi-platform campaigns, creative tasks or tighter deadlines.

Egy csapat, ami megkönnyíti a dolgod
A team that makes your job easier

In addition to campaign management, we have a lot of experience in a number of related areas, be it creative design, landing page creation, search engine optimization or even A/B testing.

A PPC-n kívül is számíthatsz ránk
You can count on us beyond PPC

Our clients said about us

"Thanks to a few months of business development and optimization processes following the Google Ads audit, we have increased the number of bookings received through ads within a year with the help of our new partner."

Tibor Takács  —

“Selector is the most suitable and agile PPC agency I’ve ever met. I recommend them to those who are not simply looking for an executor, but a partner to think together with. In short: they make our lives easier. #weloveworkingwiththem”

Evelin Zakar-Kovács - Green Fox Academy

"By paying maximum attention to our users, by relying on objective data and years of experience, by following the latest trends, we always achieve great results together!”

Judit Halász - Stylers

"Our campaigns running in 7 countries are all managed by Selector; and it's not just one person, but a whole team working on our campaigns. They document everything, measure everything, explain everything and are open to our ideas. By far the best Google Ads team I've ever worked with."

András P. Tóth - Codeberry

"It is especially important for us to be able to use the Google advertising network to the fullest so that we can increase the traffic of our webshop and the popularity of the related services. Selector offers us even more by creating and optimizing our landing pages so that we are able to achieve the best possible results."

Gabriella Varjas — Espresso Kft.

"The most efficient way of optimizing our resources is by letting Selector manage our Google Ads campaigns. Only such well-prepared specialists are able to keep pace with the continuous development of our platform and give us the needed time and knowledge for our ads to succeed. Their success is confirmed by our increased traffic."

Valéria Havasi — Róbert Károly Magánkórház Zrt.

"Tamás and the team at Selector tripled our sales within 2 years with a well-customized website and the optimization of our Google Ads campaigns. Thanks to them!"

Zoltán Lendvai — Lendvai és Társa Kft.

"We like working together with Tamás and his team. This cooperation is a process of thinking together, that is helped by their relevant questions. Ever since we started working together, we've been feeling safe, because the support given by Selector is leading to tangible business results."

Dóra Svéda — Coachingcentrum

"Working with you is always inspiring. I am grateful for you assisting us wholeheartedly and with great ideas in the realization of our professional dreams."

Julianna Kiss —SHL Hungary Kft.

"We have been working with the Selector team for several years. They know exactly what we need to achieve our goals. They also know which one of the latest technologies and creative ideas is the best for us. They create precise and measurable business value with their work. Plus they are very nice people."

Dea Frankó-Csuba — Spark Institute at IBS

"It was great to work with Selector. They are a reliable and professional team with a performance-driven attitude. They leverage their excellent SEO expertise in multiple languages. If you need a real competitive edge to grow your business, the Selector team is clearly the best choice."

Nora Bereczki — OnRobot

"We appreciate the precision, proactivity and friendliness with which the Selector team is helping the Medve Matek team get its message to as many people as possible. Thank you for everything!"

Dr. Tamás Balogh — Medve Matek

"I recommend working with Selector, as Tamás and his team pay great attention to their clients, they work really precisely and provide a structured process during all the projects. This not only guarantees successful campaigns, but also saves clients from the stress often coming from keeping touch with an agency: your ads are in good hands."

György Káli — Service Design Day Conference

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Google Partner

As a Google Partner, we've managed more than 100 advertising accounts in the last years.

Our company is a Google Certified Business Partner with Google Ads Search and Display Certification.

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