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Website development
Types of websites

We create a professional online presence to help you achieve your business goals

No matter what type of website you have in mind, we're just as eager to dive into your website development project in order to make your vision a reality.

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Company website

Company website for business partners, potential customers and employees.



A website consisting of only a few pages dedicated to a brand, product, project, event or a narrow target group.

Landing page

Landing page

Landing pages can be used for campaigns, database building, lead generation or event organization.



Complex e-commerce solutions for online shops, booking systems or aggregator sites.

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Our best practices for web development

At what stage is your web development project?



After a thorough assessment of our clients' needs, we research the current trends and tool systems of the international market and other industries, in addition to competitors. From the resulting idea pool, we propose the guidelines and best practice solutions to be followed, which we take into account to finalize the requirements and expectations.

Assesment needs and requirements
Competitor analysis
Best practices


Based on the requirements and expectations of the website, we will prepare the detailed development specification, including the exact processes, logical relationships, user paths and wireframes. We place great emphasis on thorough development documentation, covering every detail of the development process, which will determine the further implementation of the project.

Development specification
User paths

Web design

Based on the approved wireframe plans, we prepare the graphic design plans for the website. At the start of the process, we first prepare the graphic design for the homepage. Once approved, we work with our Client to define the main guidelines, further refining the design to the final graphic design, which includes designs for each individual page type. If the development framework allows, we also test the visual designs or a prototype with users.

Graphc design planning
UX research and testing

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Website development

Based on the pre-assessed needs and in consultation with the development team, we will propose the development platform or content management system that we consider the most ideal. We also provide our clients with access to the development environment, so they can keep an eye on how their project is progressing. Tracking the behavior of website visitors is key to measuring the effectiveness of successful online marketing campaigns, so our offer includes analytics setup. It is also crucial that the completed website receives sufficient traffic, so we also pay special attention to search engine optimization settings.

Front-end, back-end

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Website testing

Before launching any of our projects, whether it's a new module, landing page or a complete system, we carry out a full website test. Our team tests each process, functionality and analytical setup according to predefined scenarios, which are collected in a bug reporting system. After bug fixes and client testing, the website can be launched or, in the case of a pre-existing interface, replaced.

Full website test
Fixing bugs


Website maintenance and updates? Solved!

We won't leave you alone once the website is launched: we provide a maintenance package to ensure that your website is running smoothly and securely. If you're looking for a partner to maintain your existing website, we can help with that too!

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