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Web analytics

Reduce your expenses and increase your revenue with the right web analytics settings!

Through proper web analytics setup, measurement and analysis, you can discover correlations that can not only make your website more effective, but also reduce your ad spend while increasing the number of your leads and customers. We'll help you design the perfect sales funnel for your business, and by tracking and analysing user behavior, we'll quickly identify areas for improvement. This will not only improve your website, but your entire business as well.

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Web analytics tools and methods

Google Tag Manager integration

To set up web analytics, we integrate an external software, Google Tag Manager, into our clients' websites. Thanks to this, they will not need to give us access to the administration interface and possible confidential data, while the website will still be easy to modify and upgrade at any time in terms of analytics.

Web analytics integrations
Configuring triggers
Configuring labels and events

Website analytics

With the integration of Google Analytics and a Facebook Pixel, we can generate detailed statistics on visitors and get accurate information on how many of them have completed events that create value for our clients. In each case, we set up the tracking of site visits, button clicks, form submissions and scrolls.

Page views, time spent on page
Clicks, scrolls
Form submission

E-commerce analytics

For online stores, the user journey can be clearly defined: browsing, adding to cart, starting the ordering process and then making a purchase. Analysing customer behaviour is of paramount importance, as analysing churn statistics can help to understand which elements of the site or offer need to be improved. For this reason, we set up detailed e-commerce metrics for our online stores, whether they are open source, rented or custom-built.

Product page view
Add to cart

Sales funnel planning and tracking

One of the pillars of good communication is knowing how your target audience relates to your product and company. With this in mind, we design a sales funnel for our clients, through which the user journey can be guided and the set of visitors can be grouped into different segments.


User behavior analysis

If you want to get a more detailed picture of what users are doing on the website, you can record and visualise mouse movement, which can be highlighted to reveal data that may not be apparent from quantified statistics. This is done by creating heat maps of different pages, showing how long users scroll down, which elements they click on. Qualitative analysis is also possible by recording the user journey.

User journey tracking
Heat map analysis

Reporting, Data Studio reports

Data Studio allows us to create unique, personalised dashboards that display analytics data dynamically and interactively, giving us the ability to analyse any segment of your overall online presence. This allows our clients to view the metrics and graphs that are most relevant to them at any time, supplemented by weekly or monthly written reports and suggestions to make the website and campaigns more effective.

Interactive dashboards
Written reports

How our cooperation goes

How do we get started?

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To properly track and analyse user data, we first design the sales funnel and define the different triggers and conversion points.



We set up the conversion points (e.g. button clicks, form completion, shopping cart additions) defined and approved by our clients on the website and configure them in the web analytics tools as well.



Once configured, we check that the users' data is displayed correctly in the web analytics tools and that conversion tracking works without any problems.



The data is presented on an interactive dashboards, graphs and heat maps, which are analysed regularly. We also use this information to make suggestions for further optimization of the website.

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Web analytics tools


We use cutting-edge analytics softwares to collect the most detailed visitor data possible, in compliance with GDPR guidelines, and visualise this interactively on a dashboard and a heat map.

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