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With a well-established SEO strategy, precise technical settings, consistent content development and publication, you can maintain a strong presence in Google search. The success of search engine optimization can vary depending on the intensity of competition, your industry and your keywords, but in all cases we strive to achieve the highest possible return on the investment our clients plan to make.


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Rövid megtérülés

Those who want to reduce your search advertising costs

Rugalmas hirdetési büdzsé

If you want your website to be listed for thousands of relevant search terms

Felhasználók végigkísérése

Those who want to stay ahead of competitors in Google search results

Széles körű elérés

Those who want their mobile app to be displayed in the app store search

Search engine optimisation tools and methods

Which one can we help you with?

Full SEO website audit

The first thing we always recommend is to conduct a comprehensive on-site SEO audit, during which we identify any search engine optimization errors on your website and suggest ways to correct them and optimise your technical settings. Before starting any search engine optimisation activity, we will record your own and your competitors' search positions and analyse existing link portfolios to measure the impact of any future SEO improvements.

On-site SEO audit
Content audit
Search positions
Link profile analysis

Keyword and content strategy

We start laying the groundwork for the strategy by conducting keyword research, which in many cases will result in thousands of search terms. In order to select the keywords on which to base the strategy, keywords are grouped and prioritised by topic, taking into account keyword difficulty and your business goals. To improve the visibility of existing content, we suggest ways to enhance it and SEO optimize the pages. We advise, provide topic ideas and develop a publication plan to create new topics and content.

Keyword research
Prioritizing keywords
Content creation

On-site SEO optimization

If you need help with technical adjustments to existing pages, we'll be happy to do it for you. And if you have a trusted developer to do this, we'll double-check to make sure you've fixed the bugs and made the right adjustments. Most of the time, you may need to expand or optimize existing content elements, or simply improve their quality to achieve better SEO results. In addition to all this, we will not only review your previous content, we will also help you to create and publish new SEO optimised content in the future.

Technical SEO settings
Content creation
Content publishing

Link profile analysis and development

The role of external links leading to your website is an extremely important aspect of how your domain is ranked by Google. We therefore consider it important to understand the competitive situation by comparing your own and your competitors' link profile mapped during the audit, to get a clear picture of your own position and the strengths of your competitors, so that we can set realistic targets. The result is a comprehensive link building strategy and development plan, identifying relevant and high-quality backlink opportunities, as well as creating and publishing SEO optimised content on partner sites.

Competitor analysis
Link building strategy
Content creation and publishing

SEO monitoring

Search engine optimisation is not a one-off task, it requires constant attention. To maintain or improve your results, you need to stay active, as your competitors are not idle and Google is constantly updating its algorithms too. It's important to create new content regularly and to pay attention to optimizing your SEO settings in the future. If you don't have the capacity, we'll take the burden off your shoulders. Our monitoring service includes checking the publication of the backlinks you have acquired, changes in search rankings and organic traffic. We also provide regular consultations and periodic redesigns based on results, search habits and algorithm changes.

Optimisation of new content
Monitoring search positions
Monitoring organic traffic

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Get a personalized quote for our SEO audit service!

Get proof of our expertise with no obligations! As part of our SEO audit service, we will check your website's search engine optimization settings, identify areas where you can improve your search rankings and increase your website's organic search traffic.

If you choose to entrust us with the search engine optimization of your website after the audit, the full audit fee will be reimbursed to you over the first 6 months.

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Why is our audit service not free of charge?
A typical audit takes 2-4 hours to complete, but it can also take much longer for more complex ad accounts or websites.
The methodology of our audits has been developed based on the experience of 200+ previous audits, thus representing a unique and valuable body of knowledge and know-how.
The audits are carried out by experts with years of experience, who are laser-focused on this field of expertise.
Audits are also audited in-house, with at least one senior team member checking the results in addition to the project leader.
If required, we will also present the findings of the audit in an online consultation, so that our clients can make the most of our recommendations.
Our process of search engine optimization

Planning an effective SEO strategy, then building the right system for it

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