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The success of an online store is not only determined by a carefully selected range of products, quality services and online marketing solutions. A well-functioning webshop engine, an excellent customer experience interface and a secure system operation are also essential for success.
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The success of an e-commerce website is not only about a carefully selected range of products and quality services, but also about a well-designed and implemented system that is always adapted to the current market needs, online communication that is essential for a stable market presence and, last but not least, continuous, secure operation. Let's divide the tasks efficiently! You provide the background, and our team of experts will implement your ideas.

What kind of e-commerce websites can we create together?

Let us turn your business ideas
into reality.

Regardless of your webshop engine, industry, target group or complexity, we can make your online business ideas happen. Whether it's about selling a narrow range of products or services online, or an e-commerce site offering thousands of products in multiple languages, or integrating billing, marketing or CRM systems, we're enthusiastic about all projects!

Customizing hosted
e-commerce websites

The advantage of hosted e-commerce  platforms is that they offer a partially ready-made online store, but to make it stand out from the crowd of low-budget stores, we will customize your design according to your needs and ideas.

Creating an open-source e-commerce platform

If you're thinking about a more complex online store, or even targeting foreign markets, and you want more flexibility in the design, open source e-commerce platforms provide an excellent basis for developing your online store.

Custom-built e-commerce platform

A custom-built webshop is the perfect solution for you if you want your website to truly reflect your needs and ideas without compromise. It's a real treat for us too, we are happy to work with you on this as well.

what are our building blocks?

We don't just plan and implement.
We think with you!

Webdesign, UX , development

As a full-stack digital marketing agency, we have a dedicated team of experts behind our projects, so at every stage of the development process, an experienced expert in the field will help you to implement the project from its conception to its final implementation.

Specific to each product

Whatever the product category, whatever the target audience, we first get to know the product, buying habits and competitors in order to better identify your business goals and support you at every stage.

Secure operation

We do not develop webshops "by the book''. Once the development process is complete, we will partner with you in the operation of your webshop.  We will continue to take your feedback as the owner into account, helping you to attract visitors and optimize conversions.


How do we get it done?

Consultation and planning

After a thorough assessment of our clients' needs, we research the current trends and tool systems of the international market and other industries, as well as competitors. From the resulting idea pool, we propose the most suitable guidelines and best practices to be followed, basd on which we then finalize the requirements and expectations for your webshop development project.
Based on the pre-assessed needs and in consultation with the development team, we will propose the development platform and webshop solution that we consider the most ideal for your business.

Assessing our client's needs
Choosing the right platform
Development specification


Once the wireframe plans have been approved, we prepare the graphic design plans for the webshop. At the start of the design process, we will first create a landing page design. Once approved, we work with our clients to define the main guidelines, further refining the details of the final graphic design, which includes designs for each individual page type. If the development framework allows, we also conduct user testing of the visual designs or prototype.

Customizing templates
Creating new templates
Custom design

Site building

Once the design plans are finalized, we start developing the website, bringing to life all the needs and functions that have been defined in the specification, as well as the static pages envisioned in the design plans. When building e-commerce platforms, we place particular emphasis on making the webshop administration interface as user-friendly as possible, while providing maximum support for the customer's shopping experience. We also provide our clients with access to the development environment, so that they can monitor the progress of their project.

Unique design
Customized features


Running an online shop efficiently and professionally is almost always a multi-stakeholder story. In addition to the modules that provide the basic functionality, it is almost essential to automate delivery; to make bulk invoicing efficient; to provide payment methods that meet the needs of customers. Our development process focuses on the integration of these external systems as well.

Billing system
Payment methods
Delivery options

Integrating digital marketing systems

In addition to providing quality service to customers, it is also important to focus on creating efficient and automated sales and marketing processes.  Many CRM systems offer innovative solutions for measuring and tracking the effectiveness of sales channels; and marketing systems offer advanced solutions for establishing a strong relationship with customers in order to ensure future purchases.

CRM systems
E-mail marketing systems
Chat platforms

Uploading products

For webshops with a smaller product range, creating a product feed is a relatively insignificant task, but for a more massive number of products, a product database that is professionally made and optimized saves considerable time, costs and, last but not least, storage space. Before carrying out the bulk data upload, we can also prepare individual product descriptions on request, including translated versions for multilingual webshop.

Bulk data upload
Creating product descriptions
Translation of product descriptions

SEO settings

For the efficient and optimal operation of an online store, it is crucial that the website gets enough traffic, so we also pay special attention to search engine optimisation settings. With a well-established SEO strategy, you can even reduce the cost of search advertising in the long run.

Product pages
Category pages
Search results

Web analytics settings

With the right web analytics planning, tracking and analysis, you can discover correlations that not only make your online store more efficient, but also reduce your advertising costs while increasing the number of customers. To ensure accurate data, we make the necessary analytics adjustments before launch.

Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager

Google Shopping ads

Let us help you boost your online store traffic with eye-catching product ads! Google Shopping campaigns are specifically designed for e-commerce. Their advantage is that by displaying product information directly in the search results, users can navigate to your product pagewith the most relevant information already in their minds, ultimately increasing the chance of them becoming a paying customer.

Creating a professional product feed
Merchant Center account setup
Google Ads account setup

once the webshop is published, we help you achieve your business goals too

Driving traffic, increasing revenue, optimizing conversions? Solved!

Once your webshop is up and running, we are here to help you attract more traffic and customers with our digital marketing solutions, tailored to your business specifically. If you already have an online store and are looking for an e-commerce marketing partner to help you grow it even further, we can help you with that too!

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