Facebook posts for a car service to increase user activity

Medic-Car is a Bosch service located in Dunakeszi, next to the busy Road 2, with a full range of services. We plan and manage their Facebook communication to promote them and for building confidence in them.

Medic-car Kft.

We continuously run Facebook ads for Medic-Car Car Service. In addition, we also create several posts a week for them to increase their popularity and to help build trust. The purpose of the posts is mainly to educate, share interesting facts from the automotive industry, as well as to increase activity by publishing entertaining and playful posts. We make polls and logo finding games and we try to adapt the posts to the current weather or season. In smaller numbers, but we also share service promotion posts on a regular basis. It is important to achieve greater engagement towards the Medic-Car brand through continuous communication.

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