Think big! Complete renewal of a solar system contractor

Following the change in the corporate image, we completely redesigned our client's corporate website, which, in addition to its appearance, also included new structure and functions.

GreenGeo Kft.

Green Geo Kft. provides a wide range services of planning, constructing and managing of solar systems to all those who are interested in the wider use of renewable energy.
In the life of the company, which has been operating for several years, the need for a complete renewal has arrived, which meant a rethinking of the company's image, a look that supports the company's philosophy and future goals.
We have designed the corporate website of greengeo.hu in accordance with the renewed image, reflecting the image of a dynamic company that takes on challenges, does not compromise on quality, and is constantly growing.
We have fully integrated the page into the CRM system that coordinates the sales processes, and we have developed a solar system calculator to help users pre-design their solar system.
We have placed more emphasis on articles supporting services, solar tenders, so if you are interested in a new solar system or expanding your existing system, we strongly recommend the greengeo.hu website and our client's wide range of services.

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