Social media communication in two areas of gastronomy

Both Culinary Institute of Europe and Makifood deal with food and its preparation. While CIE’s unique program allows those interested to learn about professional kitchen technologies, Makifood dazzles gastronomy lovers through short but even more special courses. Working together, we defined the strategy and communication of their social media pages and implemented it through colorful, informative posts.

Culinary Institute of Europe

We are already familiar with the trainings of Culinary Institute of Europe and Makifood, as we have already promoted them through a number of recruitment campaigns. After several years of cooperation, we were very pleased that we were also asked to manage the Facebook and Instagram pages of the two companies. As part of the agreement, we not only moderated the pages, but we were constantly making new, exciting post to promote the courses. In addition to copywriting, creating creatives and an Instagram hashtag research were also part of our work - all of which goal was that CIE's and Makifood’s social pages reflect the high degree and professional love of food preparation that the brands represent.

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